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Length of Lease Other
Lease Price $1,495
# Guests Allowed /
Guests per Gun
0/ 0
Number of Hunters 2 hunters are permitted for this lease.
Lease Size 3500 acers
Primary Game Whitetail Deer
County Tripp
Closest City Winner, SD 57580 (0 miles away)
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No points required for deer or pheasants! If Deer and Pheasant Hunting are your favorite you have come to the right place. Hunt deer in the rut and if you fill early or want to add a day or two to your trip you are in some of the highest pheasant concentrations in the nation. As far as deer they are abounds with whitetail deer in farm cover, easy to access on this private 3,500 acre ranch outside of Winner, South Dakota. There are two separate hunts available. One is a guided hunt and one is a DIY hunt on the same property. Guided Buck Whitetail Hunt: $ 2495 reduced to only $1495 Un-Guided Buck Whitetail Hunt: $ 1995 reduced to only $ 995 Doe Hunts $250 per doe per person.(1 day one Doe) Add additional days to your hunt: $250 per day Additional Does Hunts $150 per doe. The main drainage is bull creek which abounds with whitetail that are the product of mild winter and great fawn survival rates for the past year, not to mention an endless supply of corn, alfalfa, clover , oats, food plots and other agricultural feed that covers this fertile farms land. Plenty of bucks range from the 130’s to 150’s class with larger buck traveling between farms in the area., hunters can expect a fun-filled hunt, while seeing numerous quality deer, especially during the rifle season while the rut is taking place. Deer are constantly on the move during the rifle season, and clients can expect to see new deer each day of the hunt. Experience South Dakota deer hunting at its finest with our harvest percentage rate very high, but no hunts are guarantee, there are no deer fences here this is a free ranging hunt. Over the last few decades, we have consistently taken 125” to 150”+ deer year after year. Check out our photos to see the quality deer we have to offer. We have taken non typical/freak racks that can be seen in our photo albums along with some of the other deer in the last few years. The 2011 season was a great success harvesting six deer on our property scoring: 145 3/8, 143/ 5/8, 151 1/4, 130 5/8, 128 7/8 and 138 ¾, and passing on several younger deer that will be outstanding in 2012. Our genetics have continued to improve over the years, and the last five years have been tremendous due to the entire corn and soybeans and deer habitat in the surrounding area. One great aspect of our hunts knows that the next trophy our customers are looking for might be in the next draw, crick, etc. We want to get to know all of our clients on a personal level. We go above and beyond and know we can show our clients a great relaxing three day hunt that will keep them coming back year after year. There are only 4 hunters allowed on the property per season with only two at one time. The guided hunters usually begin opening day and the non-guided can begin any time after the guided hunters have finished. You will probably receive a free doe whitetail licenses with your buck tag. A doe is an additional $ 250 to the landowner for each doe you want to take, up to 5 does. No Mule Deer does may be taken, just whitetail does. We are located in Tripp County South Dakota Unit 60A. Our deer hunts consist mainly of spot-and-stalk, or sitting in a blind. Our 3,600 acres of land consists of cricks, trees, draws, sloughs, cattails, etc. perfect cover for whitetail deer. We allow our hunters to choose whether they wish to sit in a blind/stand, or wish to spot and stalk with their guide. Most of our success has come from spot and stalk hunts, especially when the big bucks are rutting and constantly on the move. All of our guided deer hunts come with experienced, also wants to inform future clients that they do not have to worry about paying extra fees to shoot a trophy class South Dakota whitetail. We feel we offer the lowest prices for guided deer hunts in South Dakota. This begins on the opening day of deer season and covers the first 3 days. The landowner will provide the transportation and the deer patterning background to provide you with the deer from their feed source, day bed or travel route in between. Living there all of his life he has seen the deer explosion that is currently at our fingertips. The hunt will be for an 8 point or larger buck. There is no size or score minimum but the hunter is free to shoot any deer he wishes. Hunting for whitetail will be watching their food source, day bed or travel route in between. Living there all of his life he has seen the deer explosion that is currently at our fingertips. Mule deer are fewer in number but are usually hunted by traveling the farm roads on the 5.5 mile squares glassing their food, cover or habitat between the two. There is not minimum restriction on the mule deer, but keep in mind under no reason can you shoot a Mule deer doe, they are protected. This begins after the guided hunters have completed their hunt either with a kill or 3 days depending on which comes first. The landowner will provide you with a map of the farm property depicting the fence locations and the farm boundaries. He may also point out where he sees the most deer and any blinds or stands that are on the property. You are allowed to bring your own climbing tree stands or ground blinds. You are to stay on established roads and 2 track because there is a good chance that time of the year the ground will be muddy. On the back of the map is his permission to hunt on the property. Also his cell phone and any other phone numbers and the ranch house phone number. If you wound a deer and he crosses onto other property you are to contact the outfitter by phone advising where you are. He will call the land owner and get assistance in locating the downed deer. Being caught on the neighbor’s property can end your hunt and also bring the game warden calling for you. Deer Licenses The hunting area is in Unit 60 and South Dakota has more unique twists to it 5 draw system to make a match professor shake his head. I have taken out all of the smoke and mirrors to make this hunt a drawing success. The map below shows Pheasant distribution in South Dakota along with a red X where our ranch is located. Also the ability to go there first to hunt pheasants or turkey or both is a possibility. Why not bring a friend and make it a,” South Dakota 6 Pack! “You each shoot a deer a turkey and pheasants. A sharp tailed grouse or prairie chicken is just frosting on the cake! to hunt pheasants, turkey, or even prairie digs here you can, but we recommend some other area that a point is not required to draw a license so you will hunt deer the first year. Or you can put in for a double doe deer tag if you wish. Then the next year with a point the draw is 100% rather than 33% at the best. The hunt code for bucks is 60A16 first choice and 30B08 for your second choice and it can be done on line. The B season runs through the center of the month. The A season is the first and the last part of the month of November. The 09, 08, and 16 define the type and sex of the deer you can hunt. ** 100 % Draw Success 60A16 is any whitetail deer and two doe whitetail does 008 % Draw success 60A08 is a Mule Deer or Whitetail buck and a whitetail doe 100% Draw Success 60A09 is Two Whitetail Does To draw a mule deer license you will need to bank a point by putting in 60A09 as you second choice or just putting in for a point so that the next year you will have a point and with that you will have a 100% chance at the mule deer draw. Muzzleloader is unlimited but does only; archery is unlimited and can be for either sex, bucks or does. The South Dakota Licenses are a late application process so if you didn’t draw where you wanted to in other states this is a good option. The applications aren’t available until June and has a deadline in mid July. Additional Pheasant Hunting Bring along your shotgun, If you fill early or want to hold over a couple of days to hunt Pheasants it is available during that time of the year. Just advise the outfitter and if he is not booked up then he can put you in on a hunt. The Pheasant hunting is available if you fill early at $175 per person, per day if space is available. Licenses are available. These are wild birds no set birds here. Free grouse/prairie chicken hunting included with any deer, pheasant, or turkey hunts. Turkey Hunting: Our land lies on the Tripp County Gregory County South Dakota line on the Bull Creek, perfect cover for South Dakota turkey hunting. With over 3,600 acres of South Dakota hunting ground, the Merriam turkeys are plentiful for any turkey hunter with a yen to fill his grand slam or just have a great turkey hunt. We have quality guides, plenty of Merriam turkeys, and the most affordable rates for South Dakota turkey hunting available. We offer archery/shotgun hunts in the Spring and Fall. All of our turkey hunts are 3 day hunts. There are numerous Tom’s with beards ranging in the 6-12 in. plus range. These are big turkeys due to all the food sources available to them such as: corn, milo, oats, and so on. We can provide guiding services, or tips for turkey hunters but we do not provide calls, decoys, or weapons. Licenses are unlimited just by applying. 3 days turkey hunts add additional days to your hunt $100 a day Archery- $350 per person / 1 turkey Shotgun- $425 per person / 1 turkey Discounts for multiple tag turkey hunts Archery- $475 per person / 2 turkeys Shotgun- $600 per person / 2 turkeys Lodging During the whitetail deer hunting meals and lodging are in Winner South Dakota at the hunter’s expense. We will provide them with the names and phone number of the motels or if they have a camper we will provide a place for parking a self-contained camper. Transportation and Processing We provide transportation to and from the Winner/Gregory South Dakota airport if needed. We are only a fifteen minute drive from Gregory or Winner. For deer hunters that wish to have their deer processed, Winner South Dakota has a great locker plant, and we can transport the deer there for our clients. We field dress any deer our clients harvest, and we will skin out and prep any deer that any client wishes to mount. Checklist / Safety Being prepared for South Dakota hunting and the weather itself is always a must. One minute the sun is shining, the next we are in the midst of a winter storm. If the hunters are willing, we will hunt in whatever conditions South Dakota gives us during your hunt. Check the local weather for Winner South Dakota on our website. Here is a checklist that we recommend any hunter that joins us. Pheasant Hunts Checklist/Safety Rain/Snow Gear Good pair of waterproof hunting boots Extra socks both insulated & Un-insulated Insulated/Un-insulated clothing and jackets Shotgun/12 gauge preferably for Wild Ringnecks Plenty of Shells Proper License Requirements Safety is the number one priority before entering the field. Here is a checklist supplies we recommend bringing along as well tips on what we recommend to keep everyone safe to ensure everyone has a safe and fun-filled hunt. Safety Glasses Orange Vest/ Hat Ear Plugs Always knowing where every hunter is before pulling the trigger Let birds raise before shooting Keep hand off of trigger until the bird flushes No alcohol until the hunt is over for the day Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction while walking/blocking Deer Hunts Checklist/Safety Layers of warm insulated clothing Insulated Boots Insulated Socks Rifle – 223 & up Bullets Orange hat/clothing Proper tags and requirements. Safety while hunting Have a safe backstop while shooting at any deer Know your surroundings before firing Make sure you are firing at a mature/quality deer Keep on the property you are assigned Make clean ethical kill shot This is all basic information we require to ensure a safe/fun filled hunt. This is a guided hunt so the guide will ensure that each hunter is fully prepared and safe at all times. Turkey Hunts Checklist/Safety Turkey hunts are semi-guided hunts; we will show you the terrain and where to setup to increase success. Bring your own calls Own Shotgun/Bow Preferably your own blind Ammunition/Arrows Own Decoys Proper tags and requirements. See: Fall / Spring Acquiring proper safety for turkey hunts is easy if you take the proper precautions Always have a good backstop for your bullets/arrow Let other turkeys clear before shooting the selected target Make clean ethical kill shot Preferably mature birds, but jakes/hens are allowed to harvest Checklist / Safety Being prepared for South Dakota hunting and the weather itself is always a must. One minute the sun is shining, the next we are in the midst of a winter storm. If the hunters are willing, we will hunt in whatever conditions South Dakota gives us during your hunt. Check the local weather for Winner South Dakota on our website. Here is a checklist that we recommend any hunter that joins us. Spring Turkey Season Dates: Apr. 14-May 20 Season/Unit/Type Choices: PST-60A-37: TRIPP CO. Valid for two any wild turkey. Resident licenses ($25) Nonresident licenses ($100) More info South Dakota Fall Turkey License Season Dates: October – January Some prairie units have a split season within these dates, see spring turkey application for details. South Dakota Spring Archery Turkey License Season Dates: April 7-May 20. Season/Unit/Type Choice: AST-ST1-32: Statewide except for Brookings County west of Interstate 29 and Custer State Park. Special rules apply to all other state park, recreation and lakeside use areas. Valid for one male wild turkey. Unlimited resident licenses ($20); Unlimited nonresident licenses ($85) More info WEST RIVER DEER Rifle South Dakota Deer License Season Dates: 2nd week in Nov. for 2 weeks, 3 weekends Season-Unit-Type Choices WRD-60A- TRIPP CO. 08: Valid for one Any Deer and one Any Antlerless Deer Resident licenses ($45) Nonresident licenses ($335) 09: Valid for TWO Any Antlerless Deer Resident licenses ($25) Nonresident licenses ($80) 16: Valid for one Any Whitetail and TWO Antlerless Whitetail Deer resident licenses ($45) Nonresident licenses ($335) More info South Dakota pheasant hunting Season Dates: Season Dates: Opens 3rd weekend in October – January License Requirements: Residents = Small Game, or Combination, or Junior Combination, or Youth Small Game; or 1-Day Small Game Nonresidents = Nonresident Small Game, or Nonresident Youth Small Game (each valid for two 5-day hunting periods; start dates must be identified before license issued) South Dakota License Information For more information on requirements for South Dakota hunting visit the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks website: Deer Hunting Info Turkey Hunting Info Pheasant Hunting Info Grouse Hunting Info SD License Information Hotels / Restaurants South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks SDGFP Deer Hunting Info SDGFP Pheasant Hunting Info SDGFP Turkey Hunting Info SDGFP Grouse Hunting Info